Picture shows London cycle superhighway, taken by Alex Ingram.

Part of Stage One of the PCT project has involved evidence reviews and data analysis, feeding into the model development and into our policy recommendations. We’ve been writing this up in academic presentations and articles.

One piece I’ve led is a systematic review of whether age and gender affect cycle infrastructure preferences.

Cover of LTN 2/08: Cycle Infrastructure Design
Cover of LTN 2/08: Cycle Infrastructure Design

I’ve presented this at conferences and it’s been written up into a co-authored academic article that should be published later this year. The video below gives a short presentation about the findings.

For me the results have underlined the need to target cycle infrastructure and policies towards currently underrepresented groups, with the bonus that this should help create cycling environments that work for everyone. (Even Mr. LTN 2/08 – whereas if we build for him, we’ll miss most of our market).