The PCT team is pleased to announce several new features:

• Cross-border flows now shown for straight lines, fast routes, and quiet routes, plus the LSOA route network (but not the MSOA route network).
• A new “geography-switching” functionality, to allow people to switch between the MSOA layer and the LSOA layer. Note that in the larger regions, switching between MSOA and LSOA may take up to 1 minute.
• Improved data download pages. The regional data download pages now provide LSOA downloads, including the LSOA route network. We have also added new national data download pages, covering all of England.
• A trial version for Wales, with some features missing (LSOA route network and national data downloads), available until October 2017. We will create these if a full version is commissioned.

In the next fortnight, we will be adding information to our manuals – specifically sections B (how to use the PCT) and C (methods). We will update this blog post to paste it below, when available.