We’ve got a contract with the DfT covering additional PCT training sessions this year, including training focusing on the PCT interface and data downloads (‘basic’ and ‘intermediate’). We had planned to hold in-person sessions in two different parts of England – especially as our review of PCT usage suggested variations across the country, and we wanted to ensure everyone got the chance to make use of the tool.PCTpic

Obviously, with Covid-19, these in-person sessions are not now going to happen.

But they are needed more than ever, with pop-up infrastructure being planned all over the country, and the ongoing need to build sustainable travel capacity as lockdown eases.

So we’re planning to offer these sessions online instead, with a focus on two PCT regions. This will be a walk-through training with new material targeted to a specific area/town/city.

There will be one session on using the interface and another on using the data downloads, and both will cover the commuting and the newer school travel scenarios, maps and data. We’ll discuss other enhancements that you may not be aware of, like the new Government Target:near market commuting scenario and the additional health calculations, including reductions in sickness absence. The materials will be available afterwards for others to learn from.

Would you like this to be your area? Drop us an email at pct@pct.bike and let us know which county/town/city you would like us to focus on. (We can’t promise we’ll choose it! – but even if not we will invite you to the training and are happy as ever to answer your specific questions.)